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Meet the Founder

Rachael Henderson is the founder of Approved by Frankie. As a Social Worker, she is a fierce proponent of the Social Model of Disability which seeks to change society in order to accommodate people living with a disability; it does NOT seek to change people with a disability to accommodate society. These principles are the foundation of the NDIS scheme. 

Rachael has a background in workers compensation and corporate Insurance broking in Sydney and London and later as a Social Worker in complex disability, housing, mental health and drug and alcohol addiction in the health and community settings. 

She has a strong interest in assessable and affordable housing having led an Allied Health team in the community and is passionate about using storytelling and the creative arts as a means of building capacity for people with psycho-social disability. In 2018, Rachael presented on the individual and societal benefits of digital storytelling at the Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development Conference in Dublin, Ireland. 

Our Advisory Board

 To ensure Frankies value's are continuously upheld we have an advisory board. Members with a lived experience of disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait people, people from the CALD  community and people from HR, IT, finance, risk management and of course film professionals. 

The Frankies board meet regularly to make sure we stick to the Frankies values of continuous innovation, purpose driven, individual and societal transformation and our commitment to stop what we are doing and give you ....time!